Senior Friendly 7 Practice Toolkit for Personal Support Workers (PSW SF7)

Research Area: Clinical and Health Services Excellence


Brief Abstract:

The Regional Geriatric Program of Toronto, the leading authority in the care of frail seniors has developed a Senior Friendly Care (sfCare) strategy focused on improving care for older adults across the healthcare system. Within this strategy is the Senior Friendly 7 (SF7) which refers to seven clinical areas of practice (delirium, mobility, nutrition, polypharmacy, pain, continence, and social engagement) for which evidence suggests that routine monitoring and interventions are most likely to improve health and quality of life of frail seniors or those at risk of frailty. In the present initiative, we will develop SF7 tools for Home and Community Care. Because PSWs and their coordinators are key providers of Home and Community care, the focus of this work will be developing SF7 resources that will be useful to these care providers.


Contact Information:

Sandra McKay, PhD
Director of Research
VHA Home HealthCare


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