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Junior Researcher Development Program

2017 Junior Researcher Award Winners

2017 Research Fellow Francine Buchanan

Francine Buchanan

2017 Junior Research Award Winner

Francine Buchanan, MLIS, PhD Candidate, is a mom and primary caregiver to an amazing little boy who is thriving with complex medical needs. When she isn’t watching or playing baseball with her family, she is a Ph.D. student at the University of Toronto studying physician/patient communication. Francine’s passion is increasing parent participation in the health research process, and she holds the position of co-chair on the SickKids Research Family Advisory Committee.

VHA Research Priority: Children with Complex Medical Needs

2017 Research Fellowship Award winner, Jackie Zehr​

Jackie Zehr

2017 Junior Research Award Winner

Jackie Zehr is a PhD student University of Waterloo where she is studying musculoskeletal biomechanics. An overarching aim of her research is to understand the fundamental causes of low-back pain and the development of comprehensive strategies for the prevention and management of low-back disorders in work and exercise contexts. She has specific interests in quantitative methods for characterizing spine motion and the forces that act on it. Jackie’s recent research projects focused on addressing methodological issues related to quantifying spine coordination during high- and low-risk lifting tasks and investigating how task and perceptual constraints collectively influence the way individuals position, move, and load their spinal tissues during occupational lifting.

VHA Research Priority: Clinical and Health Services Excellence