Recommendation and installation of grab bars in home bathrooms to enhance safety and prevent falls: a retrospective chart review of current practice

Research Area: Clinical and Health Services Excellence


Brief Abstract:

Grab bars are the most commonly recommended home modification as part of occupational therapy practice. Clinical recommendations are typically based on clinical experience, or patient perspective of comfort, or accessibility standards, which have been developed based on the latter. However, there is a lack of empirical evidence guiding placement location and recommendations in fall prevention situations. To build an evidence-based for guiding grab bar recommendations, we must first understand current clinical practice, from the recommendation of bathroom assistive devices to implementation. This data will guide future laboratory evaluation of the most commonly used grab bar installations in fall recovery situations and will be used to inform accessibility standards, building codes, and update clinical education material about bathroom.


Contact Information:

Sandra McKay, PhD
Director of Research
VHA Home HealthCare


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