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Locating technologies hold great promise to help families, first responders and communities to manage the crisis situations that arise when a person living with dementia wanders. The devices permit the timely location of the individual reducing the emotional costs associated with caring and maintaining the safety of a loved one. These devices allow people with dementia to remain active and safe outside the home, reducing fear that can lead to restricting the movements of the person living with dementia.

Helping people living with dementia to age at home while remaining independent in their activities requires solutions directed by the voices and experiences of those with dementia and their caregivers. Past research has found that satisfaction with available technologies drops significantly outside the lab environment, suggesting a mismatch between user needs and the available technologies.

The purposes of this study are:

  • To seek direction from caregivers and people living with cognitive changes or dementia to guide the development of locating technologies, and
  • To collect feedback from caregivers and people living with cognitive changes or dementia on their experiences on a sample locating technology, along with recommendations for improvement.

Eligible Participants

People with dementia or experiencing cognitive changes and their caregivers who are 18+ years old.

Please contact Emily King at Emily.king@vha.ca if you are interested in participating and/or would like to learn more about this study.