Emily King

Clinical & Health Services Excellence

Emily King is a researcher with a background in mechanical and biomedical engineering, currently completing her PhD at the University of Toronto. Her primary research and development focus is causes and prevention of injury for home caregivers – particularly family caregivers and personal support workers. Her work in this area combines qualitative and quantitative approaches to understand the many factors that contribute to creating dangerous situations for caregivers and care recipients, and to understand, develop and evaluate interventions that are likely to succeed in practice. Emily holds 2 patents (a further 3 are pending) for assistive devices to promote independence and reduce the physical challenge of providing assistance with activities of daily living. One of the resulting products is currently on the market; a further product be launched later this year.


Emily’s research interests also the causes and prevention of falls in older adults and to the accessibility of the built environment for users of wheeled mobility devices.

Research Areas:

  • Causes and prevention of injury for home caregiver
  • Assistive devices to promote independence


  • 2 patents held – 3 pending related to assistive devices to promote independence


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