Client Experience

Asking Clients about their home care experience is important for continuous improvement. VHA supports measurement and improvement of client experiences, including through client experience surveys and various initiatives such as Client and Family Centered Care, Changing the Conversation, Client & Family Voice.


Client & Family Centered Care is an approach to care that focuses on the whole person as a unique individual and not just on their illness or disease.


Allows for health-care providers to come to know and understand the person’s life story, experience of health, the role of family in the person’s life, and the role they may play in supporting the person to achieve health.–Registered Nurses of Ontario, 2015.


Foundation Values & Beliefs of Client & Family Centered Care


foundation value

Interested in giving feedback?

The 4 Core Processes of Client & Family Centred Care are:

  • Identifying concerns and needs
  • Making decisions
  • Caring and service
  • Evaluating outcomes

All VHA staff and service providers are required to apply the principles of Client & Family Centered Care.


Changing the Conversation:


Changing the Conversation is a flexible approach to care. It encourages our staff and service providers to ask questions that trigger conversation to make sure, to make sure we meet your needs each visit. Watch this video to learn more.


Client & Family Voice:


VHA wants to engage clients and caregivers in a meaningful way so that we’re not just practicing Client and Family Centered Care, but creating care that’s driven by what clients and their families want.  Click here to learn more about VHA’s Client & Family Voice initiative.

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