Project : Assessing the feasibility of providing urgent clinical care for the frail elderly in the home setting

Research Area: Cognitive Impairment


Brief Abstract:

This study looks at the feasibility of enhancing the model of home health care delivery to accelerate improvements through the entire spectrum of care for adults who are elderly and frail. This change includes bringing medical diagnostic technologies required by clinicians for urgent clinical care assessment to the person’s home for targeted medical conditions (e.g., pneumonia). This proposed care delivery model would improve the person’s access to appropriate medical care, clinicians, and diagnostic technologies in urgent times of need at his/herplace of residence. These proposed changes to care provision at home can help support and maintain the older adult’s independence, their health and quality of life, and may improve social participation by reducing the recovery time period from illness. These changes would also help care providers avoid the stress of managing the person’s care transition to, during, and from a hospital. This research is important because the provision of urgent medical care at home would minimize the need to transition patients who are frail and elderly, minimize the risk of nosocomial infection, reduce emergency department admissions by this cohort, and ultimately improve or maintain care outcomes.


Contact Information:

Vicky Young, P.Eng., PhD
Post-Doctoral Fellow
Trainee of AGE-WELL NCE
University Health Network – Toronto Rehab
160-500 University Ave., Toronto, ON, M5G 1V7

Tel: (416) 978-4099, E-mail:


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