Clutter and Hoarding

“It all depends on whether you have things, or they have you.”- Robert A. Cook

How can VHA help with clutter?

For many years, VHA has worked with people who face clutter and hoarding challenges.

Acquiring common items – such as clothes, newspapers, containers, junk mail, books, plastic bags and crafts – in large quantities can, in severe cases, impact quality of life and even threaten the health of those living with the clutter. VHA’s professionals compassionately support clients with clutter problems and help them reclaim their home.

Services include:

  • An evaluation of home safety and functioning
  • Assessing the client for change readiness and concrete strategies to help clients stay focused on de-cluttering
  • Creating a plan to address the source of hoarding tendencies and barriers to de-cluttering
  • Help connecting clients to organization and clutter removal resources

VHA’s Community Clutter and Hoarding Toolkit also offers resources, strategies and organizational techniques to help manage hoarding and the effects of excess clutter.

For more information on VHA’s clutter management services, please call 416-489-2500 ext. 4649.

De-cluttering our Communities – VHA also customizes workshops to suit the needs of a broad range of professionals working in the community who encounter hoarding and clutter on the job.

  • My nurse is fabulous. She is the best. I didn’t trust nurses before…she really helps me a lot.

  • The PSW sent to me was very professional and exceeded my expectations on so many levels. She went above and beyond her job description to help me.